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What you need to know before opening a Trampoline Park

Communication and performance assessment can be an answer how to turn bored court attendants into highly engaged staff. The feedback which you give and receive from your team members can contribute to performance of whole business. Many operators understand how important it is to have engaged staff with positive attitude towards customers.

Opening a trampoline park can be incredibly challenging, especially when the owners do not have the experience in Family Entertainment Center business. Questions start to arise as soon as you start to search for the building. How big does the building need to be? How will I know if the location is proper for that kind of business?

In addition to building size and location other questions will start to arise when you visit any website of trampoline park producers and you will read that they are the best, the biggest and the safest in the industry. So how do you determine which manufacturers will be the best for you?

It is best to localize and visit a trampoline park made by those producers which are interesting to you. Go and check their work. The ideal situation would be to contact the owners of these parks and ask them about the quality of the product, issues with the manufacturer and how they resolved any issues. Anyone who has had an opportunity to visit a manufacturer or be involved during the installation of a trampoline park knows how detailed the project is, so it is not a matter of will there be mistakes but instead if they are willing to fix them.

Another question worth asking an owner of a trampoline park is what they would change in their layout. After having experience running a park, the owners will likely have great ideas/tips of how make the business better. Investing in a trip to a trampoline park, even if it is in another country, will be priceless, especially when the monetary investment in equipment is so significant.

Most manufacturers will ask you to send the plans of the building to prepare the layout. Feel free to do so but without any details allowing them to be able to recognize the location of the building. Some producers may have their own trampoline parks and they may be interest in your location. It is better to be safe than sorry.

When you receive layouts from different manufacturers you can compare them. Good questions to ask the producers are: what are the most popular attractions, what is the maximum capacity, and to which restrictions it is being measured. Ask them more personal questions - what would they change in this layout if it was their own trampoline park? This way, by asking them for their personal opinion, you will start to build a relationship with the sales person and there is a chance that they will share more with you.

If you are planning to have a mezzanine as a leisure area for parents, think about clear vision for them so that they will be able to see their children having a great time in the facility. Do not put high obstacles like climbing walls or performance trampolines with walk walls next to the mezzanine so to not cover clear vision of the whole facility.

Before accepting final version of the project, it is a good idea to ask an experienced person to review the layout to make sure that it is a jumper friendly environment and that the space is used in the most efficient way. Ask the producer what standards they are following. Currently, there are American, Australian and British norms and it is beneficial to be familiar with and follow them to avoid some injuries in the future. Presently, experts from around the world are working on International and European norms connected with building and operating trampoline parks so each country will have restrictions and tips for operating procedures on how to run the business to avoid major injuries.

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