Excellent Admissions

Admissions is often the business card of the trampoline park. The variety of responsibilities which covers not only check in of the jumpers but also dealing with customer complaints, delivering valid information and selling products needs to be properly trained.

When you visit any well-organized franchise, observe and test the Admissions team’s knowledge about the business. This is the moment when you can observe how well they are prepared to deliver the best customer service. The Admissions team needs to know, by heart, information about opening hours, prices of each product, details of each birthday party package and procedures connected with vouchers, gift cards, lost child policy, lost item, and emergency evacuation.

Nonverbal communication is equally important as delivering valid information to the guests. Keeping eye contact while the customer is speaking will strengthen the impression of being listened to. Body language like facial expression, tone of the voice, posture and copying gestures makes a positive impact on the guest who is willing to come back more often to the business where they feel like they are treated as a very important person (VIP).

Your team needs to have proper training and adequate surroundings to be able to deliver best practices. Think about location of socks. Does the team member need to walk to grab a pair of socks or can they pass the socks to a guest without moving from their selling position? If they need to walk, how much does these extra seconds extend the service time per customer? You may think that this is unnecessary to bother about such small details but think about the situation when you have 100 jumpers at Admissions and 3 cashiers. How fast can you speed up the service by reducing the time to serve each customer?

Another thing which is worth thinking about is where to place the vouchers and gift cards. There are two options for how to manage the vouchers – the entire Admissions team has access to it or each cashier has an access to limited amount of vouchers and is responsible for them. Either way, they need to have the opportunity to keep the vouchers in a hidden and safe location.

The Admissions team needs to have easy access to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Now days you have an opportunity to create an online version of the SOP which in this business you can call the JUMP Book (Just Universal Managing Procedures). This way all of the team members have easy access to the practical knowledge about the business and it is unreasonable for them to say that they didn’t know about it or where to find it. If the policy of your company has restrictions regarding the use of a phone during a shift, have can have a folder with the printed version of the latest SOP. Whenever you are updating the procedures, inform your team by sending them a message on your communication App.

The SOP will constantly need to be updated. Over time, you will realize that there are better ideas for how to solve some problems. Also involve team members by asking them about the feedback connected with new challenges they face during daily operations of the business. In the end, those procedures are made for your team to make their job easier according to company policy. If you ask your staff about the feedback, together you will create the solutions for those challenges and it will boost their engagement, satisfaction, and motivation.

As a final point, let’s face it, proper practical training and supervision (observation) during operation time is a key to set the bar high and make a great first and last impression during a guests’ visit.

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