Bored Court Monitors

Communication and performance assessment can be an answer how to turn bored court attendants into highly engaged staff. The feedback which you give and receive from your team members can contribute to performance of whole business. Many operators understand how important it is to have engaged staff with positive attitude towards customers.

Most trampoline parks are hiring young staff. In many cases, it is their first job so your Supervisors and Managers have to focus on establishing and maintaining good contact with team members. When they are supervising the trampoline court, they can get to know staff by talking with them about their family, desired future occupation, recreation and dreams. By doing this, you will make your employee feel like they are a valuable part of the team which will boost their engagement in the business.

Having personal information about your employees dreams, passions and future occupation preferences can help you to involve your staff in special projects, for example in social media. That way, it is a win-win situation where the business doesn’t need to outsource some tasks because they are fully benefiting from their team’s skills. The team members will receive the feedback that their skills matter and feel that they can contribute to the development of the business which will increase their self-confidence.

Building positive and open communication with employees can help you receive their feedback and ideas on how to improve procedures, create new offers, customers’ expectations, or how to bring different clientele to the business. Remember that your Court Monitors represent one of the age groups of your target customers.

Consider having briefing meetings before and after shifts. These two types of meetings have different goals. Before shift briefing can be used to provide the information about current situations and share feedback from previous shift’s experiences. This is a great time to energize the team by having some fun tasks to remind your employees that together, as a team, we can run this place and deliver happiness to our guests. After shifts briefing can be used to ask your team members two questions: what did we do well today and what do we need to do better. Neither meeting should be longer than a few minutes.

When you feel there is more discussion needed or that your team needs some refreshment training, organize a staff meeting. Your Court Monitors should be equipped with four skills: self-confidence to approach, motivation to engage, skills to influence and clearly define outcomes. Decide what you want to focus on and refresh among your team members. If it is a safety matter, consider working on real cases. If you had some accidents in your park, show it to your team members and brainstorm together to decide what could have been done better. The key to successful safety training in a trampoline park is engagement of all participants. Emphasize that as a team you are powerful but each of the team members need to take care of their part which they are responsible for.

Let’s face it, working as a Court Monitor can be challenging due to the small amounts of stimuli and the high need for attentiveness. Recognize engagement, interaction with guests, self-confidence in approaching the guests and reward it. Having non-financial rewards as well as financial rewards, leads to proper performance of the team members. To support a proper reward system you can also implement performance assessments which will help you measure and reward your team members fairly. Contact me if you would like to hear more about tools used by popular theme parks.

Finally there is the story about Simon Sinek who was visiting one of the hotels in Las Vegas and had meaningful conversation with a barista who was charming, engaging and funny. Simon asked him “Do you love your job?”. The Barista answered: “I love my job”. The next question which Simon asked was: “What is the hotel doing that you love your job so much?”. He answered: “Throughout the day, the managers walk past and ask how I’m doing or if there is anything that I need. I feel supported. I can be myself.” Then he added: “I also work in another hotel and there, the managers go around to make sure that we’re doing everything right and catch us if we do something wrong. When I go there, I keep my head just under the radar because I don’t want to get in trouble. I just want to get through the day and make a pay check.”

This story shows how important it is to have a personal approach from managers and supervisors. Train them to not only focus on catching negative behaviour but how to support the staff and instead of starting the statement with the word “Don’t”, start with “I notice … . Is there anything that I can do to help you …”. This way, team members will feel respected, supported and motivated to do their job. Your guests will have a more positive interaction with staff and this personal touch can make your brand perceived, in customers eyes, as trustworthy and a fun place to spend time with their kids, better than the competitors services.

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