Consulting and safety training

International Trampoline Park Safety Trainer and Consultant. I support existing trampoline parks or guide the owners through setting up one.

Guidelines before opening of the park
From the moment of finding a building, working on the layout and helping in organizing a daily operation process (how many employees to hire, how to set up a birthday party department, creating a checklist and an injury report) to delivery of the safety training and making sure that the grand opening of your park is smooth and successful.

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Just Universal Management Procedures (JUMP) is an acronym for Standard Operating Procedures and Employee Handbook. Help in creating Jump Book of your trampoline park which includes: employee policies, job descriptions, safety, performance management, protection of work environment, discipline and termination).

Safety Training

Includes 3 sections: presenting, explaining and helping to understand safety rules by role playing. Safety training covers examples of team building games which can be used during some special events in your park. Each training is customized to customers’ needs.

Temporary Manager

Temporary filling up the position of the manager in an emergency case. Help in hiring and training a new manager.

Opening of the trampoline park

From the moment of finding a building, through helping with finding appropriate manufacturer and creating proper layout to help in adjusting procedures and setting up a process of running a park. The final touch is training and preparing a team for smooth opening.

Performance and Reinforcement training

It has been a while since you had a safety training. 90% of the team members has been replaced. There is lack of consistency in communication to customers about safety rules and your team looks less and less motivated with each day. It is a time to change it. Performance and reinforcement training is interwoven with team building to boost the energy and engagement of your staff.

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About Aleksandra (Ola) Pałczyńska

International Safety Trainer and Consultant

Aleksandra started her journey with trampoline park business in 2014. Thanks to beneficial cooperation with one of the best manufacturers in the world, she has got the experience in building research, lease agreement negotiation, creating layouts of trampoline parks and priceless participation in opening of some trampoline parks which helped her to build know-how.

She has also a practical experience – working on each position in trampoline parks (cashier, court monitor, party host, manager) and helping in installation, changing mats or cleaning the foam pit. Thanks to that background and open mind, she was able to solve organizational issues in one of the parks in the U.K. She has started to run on-line consulting sessions and on-site trainings for customers who were just about to open their first trampoline park. Since then, she has trained around 1000 people in 29 trampoline parks on 4 continents.


“This goes beyond what we have expected. Not just the usual, where would just listen to the trainer but training interactive approach which brings out individual views on safety then aligned with the standards in trampoline. (…) This complete training has prepared us with confidence to opening our park.
Time Zone Air, Philippines

“Your training was extremely valuable to get an outsiders perspective on preopening procedures and suggestions. (…) Very knowledgeable about the subject and patient.”
AirboundCenter, Maryland, US

“You had many ideas that we didn’t think of. (…) I like the way you kept it interesting & fun, while keeping the attention of the group.”
Extreme Air, Alabama, US

“Alex is knowledgeable and cares a lot. (I like the best) attention to detail and injury codes”.
Off the Wall, Florida, US

Manufactures & Layout | Bored Court Monitors | Excellent Admissions